Roundtable: Hon. Jane S. Ruben

Recently, Gov. Adams made a surprise appointment by naming the Hon. Jane S. Ruben to the Supreme Court.  Many were shocked by the choice given that Ruben lacks any legal, law enforcement, or security training and had spent most of her adult life working as a UFO Researcher and housewife. Some say she is grossly unqualified for the position and obtained it only because she is a former lover of the Governor.  The Journal-Intelligencer’s political roundtable weights in:
Peter Ottomas


Peter Ottomas, Editor


In my opinion, the naysayers are ignorant trash.  Once again, Gov. Adams has made a wise selection.  The reality is that Monkeykid simply did not have the formally-trained legal minds to fill the ranks of Judgeship, forcing the Governor to make less traditional choices.  Having known Jane for many years and long respecting her intelligence, I applaud this choice.

Priya Ramaswami


Priya Ramaswami, Political correspondent


As a recent emigrant to Monkeykid, I have not had the pleasure of knowing the Judge.  While on the surface it is clear why some might find the choice odd, Peter’s point is an accurate one.  Prior to the Revolution, Monkeykid had little indigenous legal needs.  With devolution and the requirement of self-governance, it was a certainty that some initial appointments might be less than ideal.

I think it wise to trust in the decisions of our leaders and based on everything I know of her, I am sure Ms. Ruben will be an excellent jurist.



H. Selassie Adams, Sr. Political correspondent


I like the move.  Jane is a thoughtful, educated woman with good sense and she clearly possesses the necessary skills to be a wise judge.  Yes, in an ideal world, the Supreme Court would be trained jurists, but since that was not yet possible, Gov. Adams made a smart decision.

And I’m not just saying that because she is my mother-in-law.