Tibby Trav brings you the dish!


Wut up bitches?

Tibby Trav, double T himself, here with the latest DISH on all your movers and shakers!

  • Is our Guv a ladies’ man?  Since First lady Brittany passed, sources tell the DISH Guv Adams has been seen with a series of luscious ladies.  The Guv was well-known as a heart-breaker back in the day… nice to see age ain’t a limit for having fun… guess the Guv’s a true leader of people and a LEADER IN THE SACK!
  • Speaking of the sack, DISH has seen some naughty pics of a certain sexy astronaut back in college… with a ladyfriend!  Hello!  Sources tell me the pics got hacked off an old computer and weren’t meant for public viewing.  No comment from the parties involved…
  • More pics!  Hush-hush sources tell the DISH a certain Assemblyman and his lady like to take snaps when they have company in the boudoir and things get a little CRAY-CRAY!  Haven’t seen these ones, but they suppose to be MAD HOT!
  • Hush-hush sources also tell the DISH that a certain actor might be a debauched fellow…
  • Sexy Tina Larson was seen dining in Little Bujumbura with her director Bottom Summerdream… next project in the works?
  • There’s a new doctor in town who knows more than one way to get you better… KNO’ WHAT IM SAYIN!
  • Heard a famous chef BURNED salmon… sounds FISHY to me!

That’s all from double T this time.  Keep your ears open and eyes peeled and get ready to DISH!


Tina Larson!

Tina Larson on the set of her film, Beach Patrol 8Our very own Khadija Sanchez sat down with one of Simmywood’s young rising stars, Monkeykid’s own Tina Larson, to talk about her career and her latest movie, Beach Patrol 8: Return of the Aardvark:

KS: Hi Tina, thank you for taking the time to talk with me.  TV watchers probably recognize you from supporting roles in That’s my Llama! and the Super Fun Time Sexy Show, but this is your first movie role.  What made this the one?

TL: Well, I’ve long been looking to break into films and frankly, Beach Patrol has been one of my favorite series for like, forever.  So when Bottom [Movie director Bottom Summerdream] called, I was thrilled.

KS: Who do you play in the movie?

TL: My character is Cyndy Roberts.  She’s the newest member of the Patrol, smart, sexy, and spunky, but also like, a good role model.

KS: How so?

TL: Well, I mean, at first, some of the other members of the Patrol think she’s just a dumb blonde, but she shows them that there’s a lot more to her… in fact, she ends up being critical to the mission!

KS: No spoilers!  What was it like working with Tybalt Capp?

TL: It was amazing!  Beach Patrol wouldn’t be what it is today with Ty!  He’s as funny in real-life as he is in the movies.

KS: Some have criticized Beach Patrol for being little more than “smut.” What do you say to those people?

TL: Honestly, I think they need to get a life.  I mean, the movie takes place on a beach.  Are we suppose to wear burkas?  I wear a bikini on the beach.

KS: [laughs] Good point.  But I think the criticism is directed more at the copious amounts of nudity in the series.

TL: [shrugs] Maybe.  I’ve always felt that the nude form should be celebrated, so nudity in movies doesn’t bother me.

KS: I’m sure our male readers want to know: do you have any nude scenes in the movie?

TL: I do.  There are a couple shower scenes and a love scene… but I won’t spoil it and tell you who it’s with!

KS: You tease!  You recently gave birth.  Is it hard to balance acting and motherhood?

TL: Absolutely.

KS: How so?

TL: Well, I mean, like you want to be a good mom and stuff, but it’s hard because I have to audition and like, still look good.

KS: You look great!

TL: Thanks!  It’s hard, but Corny [Tina’s husband, Cornelius J. Larson] is a big help.  He keeps me motivated.

KS: Before you married him, you were known as a bit of a party girl.

TL: Yeah, I mean I liked to have fun.  I still do, but I’ve grown up a bit.  I don’t have any regrets.

KS: None?

TL: [laughs] None that I’m going to tell you, at least!

KS: OK, OK… so any new projects in the works?

TL: For sure.  I’m in talks with the SBN about a new comedy show, but I want to be more than just a comedic actress.  In fact, I’m going to be starring in a remake of Bubble Bath.

KS: That was always one of my favorites.

TL: Mine too!  I think sims will be amazed by it.  We’re staying true to spirit of the original, but really going to amp up the drama.

KS:  I can’t wait!  Tina, thank you for taking the time to talk with us.

TL: Thank you!  And go see Beach Patrol!

Beach Patrol 8: Return of the Aardvark opens across SimNation on Friday.