Alien task force approved!

Monkeykid (JIN): The Assembly has approved, with modifications, the bill set forth by Assemblywoman Adams (MRAAB2) regarding the creation and staffing of a Permanent Alien Task force.

As originally conceived, the ATF would be a sub component and under the auspices of the SPS, however amendments by Assemblymen Kinte and bin-Fahd modified this structure.  The ATF will be a cabinet-level organization itself, with the newly created Minister for Alien Affairs to sit in the Governor’s cabinet.  Among other tasks, the agency will:

  1. Record all alien abductions in the MRA;
  2. Record and study all alien fertilizations and alien-hybrid children;
  3. Attempt to make contact with the alien’s governing structures and negotiate political and economic accords;
  4. Worked with the SNL to develop effective counter-measures against alien technology.

Some, however, are worried.  Attorney Indigo Larson-Traveller, herself an alien-hybrid, fears that “studying” and “recording” hybrids may result in discrimination.  She states:

Hybrids like myself have no responsibility for the actions of our alien forefathers, what-ever their misdeeds and plans.  We might share their green skin or coal black eyes, but we are not them and we shall always stand with Sims and against those who wish to divide and subjugate us, be they enemies foreign or domestic or extraterrestrial.

It is now up to the Governor to name the new minister.  No choice has yet to be made, however, insiders say that Lt. Col. Z.J. Adams of the Astronaut Corps is the likely choice, given both her experience and political leanings.



New bill from Adams

Monkeykid (JIN): Assemblywoman Shira R. Adams has introduced a bill in the Assembly to provide for the establishment of a permanent alien task force (ATF).

The task force, which would fall under the auspices of the SPS, would serve to investigate and communicate with aliens, with the primary goal of said force to come to an agreement with the aliens to cease abductions and forced hybridization with MRA citizens.

Said Adams:

We owe it to ourselves and our future generations to learn all we can about this alien menace.  These creatures have no respect for our laws and customs and no respect for our bodies.  I hope we are able to come to an agreement with them; but if not, we must be learn their weaknesses and eliminate them through what-ever means necessary.

The Journal-Intelligencer has long advocated for increased monitoring of this alien menace and urges the Assembly to take quick and decisive action on Assemblywoman Adams’ bill.

Governor Adams announces Cabinet


Gov. Adams makes his appoinments

Monkeykid (SNN): Last night at True Whig Headquarters, Governor Adams announced his initial cabinet appointments.

Initial speculation had been that Adams would appoint solely from within his ruling True Whig party, but showing the true principals of equity that he has long been known for, he reached across the aisles to appoint a multi-party cabinet.

Not everyone was pleased, however.  Shira R. Adams, chairwoman of the RDF and leader of the opposition, commented that Adams did little other than re-appointing individuals who had served in comparable positions prior to the coup; and more importantly, it was an aged group:


While no-one doubts the service and dedication of the Governor’s selections, the simple fact is that with one exception, they are elders and shan’t be expected to serve much longer.  Under the pretenses of bi-partisanship, the Governor has done little but to appoint caretakers that will allow the Whigs to consolidate their hold on the bureaucracy whilst appearing to govern without faction.

The Governor dismissed Chairwoman Adams’ concerns:

I choose the best people for the jobs at hand.  Perhaps Shira is unhappy with the simple fact that the best people reject the theocratic ideology of the RDF to champion reason and knowledge.

It is hard to dispute the Governor’s assertion.  Justice Minister Madison S. Jackson had long served as MKPD Chief, whilst Zondra J. bin-Fahd had served as Education Minister under the previous government.

Gov. Adams' cabinetThe only neophyte is Captain Jasper Larson (SNL, ret.), who while lacking formal experience is widely admired as one of the architects of the SNL reorganization.

The nominees represent the three parties.  Jackson is the wife of the Progress Party chairman.  Bin-Fahd is a True Whig loyalist, while Larson is the son-in-law of one of the RDF founders.