Governor Adams has died!


Monkeykid (JIN): In an announcement that has saddened all right-thinking citizens through the MRA and across SimNation, it was announced today that Governor Obadiah Adams has died.

A period of official mourning will culminate in a state funeral Friday, announced the Governor’s son, Senator George W. Adams.

Governor Adams had served as Mayor (later Governor) of the MRA for a record five weeks, since he was elected to succeed Bell Kinte following her death in office during week four.  He was instrumental in the Revolution and bringing Monkeykid to the heights it has reached.

As hard as it is to conceive of a world without the Governor, life must move on, and one of the most obvious ways is in elections for a new governor.

The True Whig party has already announced that Assemblyman Gareth Sanchez, the Governor’s heir-apparent, shall be their nominee.  Neither the Progress or RDF parties have officially announced their candidates, however there is widespread speculation that C.B. Jackson may choose to run, which may prove a more difficult race for Sanchez than imagined by many.

Rumours also have it that the RDF may nominate someone from outside the governing cadre.  Speculation has centered on Dr. Marley Beare and Haile Selassie Adams, of this newspaper, although both have denied any interest.


Roundtable: The Next Governor?

It is no secret that Governor Adams is elderly and will not be with us much longer, perhaps not even surviving until the end of week nine.  Speculation has already begun as to who might be his replacement.  The Journal-Intelligencer’s political roundtable weights in:

Peter Ottomas


Peter Ottomas, Editor


It is hard to conceive of a world without Governor Adams!  But yes, such a sad day is coming, sooner than we would like.  For me, the only choice is the Governor’s heir-apparent, Assemblyman Sanchez.  He has the wisdom and experience to continue the policies of Governor Adams and the True Whigs and ensure the goals of the Revolution are successful.  I think he wins in a landslide over any candidate Progress puts forth.

Priya Ramaswami


Priya Ramaswami, Political correspondent


I agree with Peter that Sanchez is the likely nominee from the True Whigs, although I could see Senator Adams enter the race as well to allow three generations of Adams’ men to serve.  C.B. Jackson would be a formidable candidate from Progress, but his age is sufficiently concerning that the party may choose to go younger, perhaps with one of their young stalwarts like Assemblyman bin-Fahd.  I don’t see the RDF putting forth anyone.  A race between Sanchez and Jackson may surprise us.  I could see Progress pulling it out.



H. Selassie Adams, Sr. Political correspondent


Sometimes you have to question conventional wisdom, but I don’t see this being one of those times.  Whigs and Sanchez all the way.  Book it.

Leadership of the SNL confirmed

Monkeykid (JIN): Gen. Jackson, general and commanding officer of the SimNational Legion has confirmed that his choices for command of the individual sub-legions have accepted their commissions and are to start their new assignments immediately.

Commanding the 1st sub-legion is Lt. Col. Katniss O. Sanchez.  Lt. Col. Sanchez is a veteran of the the Twikkii campaigns and one of the top line officers, as an experienced armour commander.  She is widely seen as the lending candidate to succeed Gen. Jackson upon his retirement.

The 2nd sub-legion is now under the command of Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Adams.  Adams’ career has primarily been in logistics, where he has excelled.

In what some saw as a surprising choice, the 3rd sub-legion command was given to Lt. Col. Pollux Nova.  Junior in rank to both Sanchez and Adams, Nova had been seen as a fine and up-and-coming officer, but has never seen combat and some argued he is a little too “gung-ho” to see action.

Lastly, commanding the 4th sub-legion is Lt. Col. Eliphalet Jackson.  The son of the General, the outcry in what seemed like an act of pure nepotism was mitigated by the fact that there were few other officers to choose from, leaving the young, but well-liked officer a defensible choice.  The command had been offered to both George Adams and Jasper Larson, but both declined and took positions in political leadership instead – Adams as Senator and Larson as Intelligence Minister.

In addition to naming his commanders, Gen. Jackson did confirm that he anticipates the 3rd sub-legion will perform a peace-keeping rotation on Twikkii Island during week nine.