New bill from Adams

Monkeykid (JIN): Assemblywoman Shira R. Adams has introduced a bill in the Assembly to provide for the establishment of a permanent alien task force (ATF).

The task force, which would fall under the auspices of the SPS, would serve to investigate and communicate with aliens, with the primary goal of said force to come to an agreement with the aliens to cease abductions and forced hybridization with MRA citizens.

Said Adams:

We owe it to ourselves and our future generations to learn all we can about this alien menace.  These creatures have no respect for our laws and customs and no respect for our bodies.  I hope we are able to come to an agreement with them; but if not, we must be learn their weaknesses and eliminate them through what-ever means necessary.

The Journal-Intelligencer has long advocated for increased monitoring of this alien menace and urges the Assembly to take quick and decisive action on Assemblywoman Adams’ bill.


Bill approved!

MRAAB1, Uthman bin-Fahd’s bill to legalize prostitution in the MRA has passed the MRA Assembly and has been signed by Governor Adams into law.

The Assembly voted along bipartisan lines, 5-1, to approve the bill.  Zaynab B. Jackson (True Whig) who was the only Assemblyman to vote against the bill, remarked that while she did not oppose the bill in concept, she had certain reservations regarding the registration requirements, thus prompting her vote.

Bin-Fahd, speaking afterwards, was pleased with the outcome:

Removing shame and reducing victim-less crime are positive things.  Now, woo-hoo workers in the MRA no longer have to hide in the shadows.

Although now legal, sources tell the Journal-Intelligencer that no permits have been applied for to open the first brothel in town.


Starchild confirmed as City Planner

Monkeykid (JIN): Aisha B. Starchild, FSIA, has been formally confirmed as City Planner by Governor Adams this week.

Starchild, principal of the Sanchez & Ruben architectural firm, is known for her love of rustic design and clean natural designs.  In her role as City Planner, she is expected to advise the Governor on the continued development of Bailey Park and proposed suggestions for a business corridor along Route 139.

Sanchez & Ruben, the oldest architectural firm in the MRA, was founded by Javier Sanchez, who was later joined by his niece, Ursula Ruben.  It has been responsible for the design and construction of most buildings in Monkeykid.

Watch the little green men

Aliens have been visiting us, and abducting us, for years, yet the government still does nothing about it.

This might have been expected under the old regime, but surely Governor Adams, himself grandfather to a hybrid, knows these alien visitors are not our friends.

I learned that lesson the hard way when I was abducted and impregnated against my will with half-alien spawn.  And if I love my hybrid daughters, I don’t love how they came to be.

We must take action to prevent further abductions and ensure future generations can search the constellations in peace.



H. Selassie Adams, Senior Political correspondent and Senior writer for the Journal-Intelligencer is the father of two alien-sim hybrid children.


Live Tonight!

Live Tonight on SBN across SimNation is the execution of Sandy Bruty.

Bruty, a resident of the PRA, is a three-time loser.  She was convicted of two class 2 felonies for residential burglary and smuggling, and was recently found guilty of her third offense, a class 1 conviction for felonious assault.

Governor Goth signed the order, affirming the decision of the PRA Supreme Court and issuing a brief statement:

SimNation has no tolerance for law-breakers.  They are a virus amongst us that must be discovered and eradicated.  Long live the Revolution!

The show starts at 18:00, with the execution scheduled for 19:30.

New bill from bin-Fahd

ub-progMonkeykid (JIN): Assemblyman Uthman bin-Fahd has introduced a new bill in the MRA Assembly to legalize prostitution.

In addition to legalization, the bill would mandate registration, testing, and security.

Although long tolerated in SimNation, if this bill passes, it would be the first time a regional authority has legalized the practice.

My reasons for introducing this bill are two-fold.  One is to stop the hypocrisy of sims condemning practices in which they take part.  Secondly, it ensures criminal elements are kept out of the MRA.  Sunshine is the best disinfectant and this is an area long overdue for disinfection.

When asked for a comment, Governor Adams abstained.  Under his father, the True Whig party would have opposed this bill, but the Governor is known to have a much more laissez-faire attitude when it comes to social issues.

Tibby Trav brings you the dish!


Wut up bitches?

Tibby Trav, double T himself, here with the latest DISH on all your movers and shakers!

  • Is our Guv a ladies’ man?  Since First lady Brittany passed, sources tell the DISH Guv Adams has been seen with a series of luscious ladies.  The Guv was well-known as a heart-breaker back in the day… nice to see age ain’t a limit for having fun… guess the Guv’s a true leader of people and a LEADER IN THE SACK!
  • Speaking of the sack, DISH has seen some naughty pics of a certain sexy astronaut back in college… with a ladyfriend!  Hello!  Sources tell me the pics got hacked off an old computer and weren’t meant for public viewing.  No comment from the parties involved…
  • More pics!  Hush-hush sources tell the DISH a certain Assemblyman and his lady like to take snaps when they have company in the boudoir and things get a little CRAY-CRAY!  Haven’t seen these ones, but they suppose to be MAD HOT!
  • Hush-hush sources also tell the DISH that a certain actor might be a debauched fellow…
  • Sexy Tina Larson was seen dining in Little Bujumbura with her director Bottom Summerdream… next project in the works?
  • There’s a new doctor in town who knows more than one way to get you better… KNO’ WHAT IM SAYIN!
  • Heard a famous chef BURNED salmon… sounds FISHY to me!

That’s all from double T this time.  Keep your ears open and eyes peeled and get ready to DISH!