Disloyalty should not be allowed

Certain citizens say that “free speech” should be valued.  That it is important to hear opposing viewpoints and conflicting theories.

Oftentimes, though, under the masquerade of “free speech,” wrong-thinking citizens publish lies and slanders against good people.  Lies are printed as truths and theories and policies built on these lies are doomed to fail.

Think of how much harm was done by the old parties under the former regime?  Always bickering like spoiled children, they allowed the country to fall apart while ensuring their personal coffers were filled, it is just and proper they have been swept into the dustbin of history.

Now, as the nation stands on the brink of an uncertain future, with our dear leader gone, we must embrace the idea he cherished, of “Monkeykid rising.”

Conflicting theories might be fine for debate in the Governor’s cabinet, but they have no place in the public sphere.  We have, and will, elect our leaders to make decisions and must support them, no matter what.  Questioning them is giving aid and comfort to RedNational filth.

As long as there is breathe in my body, I will ensure the disloyal are exposed and the nation is strong, for we shall remain MONKEYKID RISING!

Peter Ottomas


Peter Ottomas is editor-in-chief of the Journal-Intelligencer



Watch the little green men

Aliens have been visiting us, and abducting us, for years, yet the government still does nothing about it.

This might have been expected under the old regime, but surely Governor Adams, himself grandfather to a hybrid, knows these alien visitors are not our friends.

I learned that lesson the hard way when I was abducted and impregnated against my will with half-alien spawn.  And if I love my hybrid daughters, I don’t love how they came to be.

We must take action to prevent further abductions and ensure future generations can search the constellations in peace.



H. Selassie Adams, Senior Political correspondent and Senior writer for the Journal-Intelligencer is the father of two alien-sim hybrid children.