Disloyalty should not be allowed

Certain citizens say that “free speech” should be valued.  That it is important to hear opposing viewpoints and conflicting theories.

Oftentimes, though, under the masquerade of “free speech,” wrong-thinking citizens publish lies and slanders against good people.  Lies are printed as truths and theories and policies built on these lies are doomed to fail.

Think of how much harm was done by the old parties under the former regime?  Always bickering like spoiled children, they allowed the country to fall apart while ensuring their personal coffers were filled, it is just and proper they have been swept into the dustbin of history.

Now, as the nation stands on the brink of an uncertain future, with our dear leader gone, we must embrace the idea he cherished, of “Monkeykid rising.”

Conflicting theories might be fine for debate in the Governor’s cabinet, but they have no place in the public sphere.  We have, and will, elect our leaders to make decisions and must support them, no matter what.  Questioning them is giving aid and comfort to RedNational filth.

As long as there is breathe in my body, I will ensure the disloyal are exposed and the nation is strong, for we shall remain MONKEYKID RISING!

Peter Ottomas


Peter Ottomas is editor-in-chief of the Journal-Intelligencer



Governor Adams has died!


Monkeykid (JIN): In an announcement that has saddened all right-thinking citizens through the MRA and across SimNation, it was announced today that Governor Obadiah Adams has died.

A period of official mourning will culminate in a state funeral Friday, announced the Governor’s son, Senator George W. Adams.

Governor Adams had served as Mayor (later Governor) of the MRA for a record five weeks, since he was elected to succeed Bell Kinte following her death in office during week four.  He was instrumental in the Revolution and bringing Monkeykid to the heights it has reached.

As hard as it is to conceive of a world without the Governor, life must move on, and one of the most obvious ways is in elections for a new governor.

The True Whig party has already announced that Assemblyman Gareth Sanchez, the Governor’s heir-apparent, shall be their nominee.  Neither the Progress or RDF parties have officially announced their candidates, however there is widespread speculation that C.B. Jackson may choose to run, which may prove a more difficult race for Sanchez than imagined by many.

Rumours also have it that the RDF may nominate someone from outside the governing cadre.  Speculation has centered on Dr. Marley Beare and Haile Selassie Adams, of this newspaper, although both have denied any interest.

Accord reached with aliens!



Monkeykid (JIN): Minister for Alien Affairs, Z.J. bin-Fahd announced today that an accord has been reached with the aliens.

Recognizing both their need to promulgate and Monkeykidders’ desire to avoid unwanted abductions, the accord provides that no-one will be abducted against their will, but only if they summon aliens.

Expected to be ratified by the Assembly shortly, the treaty includes mechanisms for punishing any alien who violates the same, as well as punishments for any sim who takes violent action against an alien, including shooting down their spacecraft or refusing implantation after requesting abduction.

Minister bin-Fahd commented:

Peace with honour.  Hybrids for those who want hybrids.  No hybrids for those who want them not.  This represents a fair and final accord that will allow us to focus our energies on other threats to the MRA and deal with them properly.

Roundtable: The Next Governor?

It is no secret that Governor Adams is elderly and will not be with us much longer, perhaps not even surviving until the end of week nine.  Speculation has already begun as to who might be his replacement.  The Journal-Intelligencer’s political roundtable weights in:

Peter Ottomas


Peter Ottomas, Editor


It is hard to conceive of a world without Governor Adams!  But yes, such a sad day is coming, sooner than we would like.  For me, the only choice is the Governor’s heir-apparent, Assemblyman Sanchez.  He has the wisdom and experience to continue the policies of Governor Adams and the True Whigs and ensure the goals of the Revolution are successful.  I think he wins in a landslide over any candidate Progress puts forth.

Priya Ramaswami


Priya Ramaswami, Political correspondent


I agree with Peter that Sanchez is the likely nominee from the True Whigs, although I could see Senator Adams enter the race as well to allow three generations of Adams’ men to serve.  C.B. Jackson would be a formidable candidate from Progress, but his age is sufficiently concerning that the party may choose to go younger, perhaps with one of their young stalwarts like Assemblyman bin-Fahd.  I don’t see the RDF putting forth anyone.  A race between Sanchez and Jackson may surprise us.  I could see Progress pulling it out.



H. Selassie Adams, Sr. Political correspondent


Sometimes you have to question conventional wisdom, but I don’t see this being one of those times.  Whigs and Sanchez all the way.  Book it.

Alien task force approved!

Monkeykid (JIN): The Assembly has approved, with modifications, the bill set forth by Assemblywoman Adams (MRAAB2) regarding the creation and staffing of a Permanent Alien Task force.

As originally conceived, the ATF would be a sub component and under the auspices of the SPS, however amendments by Assemblymen Kinte and bin-Fahd modified this structure.  The ATF will be a cabinet-level organization itself, with the newly created Minister for Alien Affairs to sit in the Governor’s cabinet.  Among other tasks, the agency will:

  1. Record all alien abductions in the MRA;
  2. Record and study all alien fertilizations and alien-hybrid children;
  3. Attempt to make contact with the alien’s governing structures and negotiate political and economic accords;
  4. Worked with the SNL to develop effective counter-measures against alien technology.

Some, however, are worried.  Attorney Indigo Larson-Traveller, herself an alien-hybrid, fears that “studying” and “recording” hybrids may result in discrimination.  She states:

Hybrids like myself have no responsibility for the actions of our alien forefathers, what-ever their misdeeds and plans.  We might share their green skin or coal black eyes, but we are not them and we shall always stand with Sims and against those who wish to divide and subjugate us, be they enemies foreign or domestic or extraterrestrial.

It is now up to the Governor to name the new minister.  No choice has yet to be made, however, insiders say that Lt. Col. Z.J. Adams of the Astronaut Corps is the likely choice, given both her experience and political leanings.


The Dish: Q runs wild?



Wut up bitches?

Tibby Trav’s got to DISH for my readers!

Ever since MRAAB1 passed, people have been guessing who might be the first to take advantage of the new law.  Tongues will wag!  The Dish had its suspicions too, but now sources confirm an unexpected source… Q!

Yes, star of stage and screen, dancer, artist, star… Q… a brothel owner?

I had to ask the man himself.  TT’s not gonna lie to you: I didn’t think he was going to answer, but he did… and the answer’s yes.  Q explained that ever since his wife died, he’s been randy and thought this might be a good way to make some extra dough (not that he needs it) and have a little fun.

Right now, it’s a one man operation, but that could change in the future.

No official word from his family as to what they think of this… but sources tell me off the record they are PISSED!

3rd Sub-legion to combat

flaggenjackMonkeykid (JIN): Gen. Jackson confirmed this morning that the 3rd Sub-legion would indeed be sent for a peace-keeping mission to Twikkii Island.  

Since the successful invasion and occupation of the Island by forces of the SNL and its’ predecessors, the situation on the island, although better, has remained tense and forces continue to be needed to ensure the safety and security of the Twikkii natives.

The mission is not expected to last past week nine, although the General was unable to guarantee the time-frame involved:

As you are well aware, the situation on Twikkii remains unstable.  Although the rebels were easily removed from power, their remains an insurgency dedicated to restoring the Jumbok line to power on the island.  Our troops will simply be there to ensure order and help rebuild the island.  I am convinced that we should be able to reach a settlement with the Jumboks and end the on-going violence.

Commanding the third will be Lt. Col. Nova, in what will be his first action in the field.  Off-the-record sources in the sub-legion expressed concern to the Journal-Intelligencer that Nova, although a fine officer, is known for being reckless, and might not be the best choice in a sensitive situation.  When questioned directly about these allegations, Nova brushed them off:

Nonsense.  I and all the soldiers of the third understand our role and are dedicated to keeping peace and order.  We shall not seek trouble, but you can be damned sure that if the Jumboks start something, they won’t be around to finish it.

In addition to the deployment, the General did confirm that he has approved the Journal-Intelligencer’s request to embed our reporter Priya Ramaswami with the third to report directly from the island.  Look for her reports next week.