About the MRA

The Monkeykid Regional Authority (MRA) is one of eight regional authorities that make up SimNation, under the wise and benevolent rule of Life-President Alston.

The MRA was originally settled by residents of SimCity and other places who were seeking a better life and better opportunities for their descendants.  Since this founding, it has grown exponentially, with the official census results showing a population (as of the end of week seven) of 140 sims.

Education is provided by the Monkeykid common schools and Monkeykid University, the alma mater of virtually the whole area (save new residents). People wishing to move to Monkeykid are encouraged to attend the University, as settlement by non-graduates is strictly limited.

In accordance with the policies of regionalism and devolution championed by the Life-President, business and other institutions are currently undergoing what has been described as “Monkeykidization,” wherein roles formerly filled by SimCitiers and other foreigners are being transitioned to Monkeykidders.  In some instances, this has led to unique or unusual appointments, however it is widely expected that as the ranks of qualified professions fill, this will become less of an issue.

The prime employers of the town, besides the armed services and bureaucracy, are the Police department (MKPD) and Monkeykid Hospital, however local businessmen are quickly developing indigenous industry.

The dominant political parties in town are the True Whig party and the Progress party, who currently have an informal alliance. In opposition is the Rastafari Democratic Front (RDF), which holds one seat in the Regional Assembly.

Governor Obadiah Adams (True Whig) serves as Governor; before that he had been Mayor under the old regime since week four.  Sen. George W. Adams (True Whig) and Delegate C.B. Jackson (Progress) represent the people in the SimNational Congress.

The MRA Assembly consists of six members:

Gareth Sanchez True Whig
Zaynab B. Jackson True Whig
Kairaba Kunta Kinte True Whig
Uthman bin-Fahd Progress
Ephraim J. Phoenix Progress
Shira R. Adams RDF


Gov. Adams has a three-person cabinet consisting of Education Minister, Dr. Zondra J. bin-Fahd, Ph.D., Justice Minister Madison S. Jackson and Intelligence Minister Jasper Larson.

The Hon. Trent Traveller is Chief Justice of the Monkeykid Supreme Court, which handles all legal disputes arising in the MRA.  Hussein bin-Fahd and Jane S. Ruben serve as associate justices.

General and Commanding officer of the SimNation Legion (SNL) is General Elijah Jackson.

Other important persons in town include the Chief of Monkeykid Hospital, Dr. Fatima B. Larson, MD., Ph.D.  The City Planner and principal of the Sanchez & Ruben architectural firm is Aisha B. Starchild.  The Dean of Monkeykid University is Dr. Amelia J. Sanchez, Ph.D. and the Editor of the Journal-Intelligencer is Peter Ottomas.

More can be read about the residents of Monkeykid at The Monkeykid Saga.

It should be clear, but just in case it’s not, Monkeykid is not a real place, but a world created using Sims 2.


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