3rd Sub-legion to combat

flaggenjackMonkeykid (JIN): Gen. Jackson confirmed this morning that the 3rd Sub-legion would indeed be sent for a peace-keeping mission to Twikkii Island.  

Since the successful invasion and occupation of the Island by forces of the SNL and its’ predecessors, the situation on the island, although better, has remained tense and forces continue to be needed to ensure the safety and security of the Twikkii natives.

The mission is not expected to last past week nine, although the General was unable to guarantee the time-frame involved:

As you are well aware, the situation on Twikkii remains unstable.  Although the rebels were easily removed from power, their remains an insurgency dedicated to restoring the Jumbok line to power on the island.  Our troops will simply be there to ensure order and help rebuild the island.  I am convinced that we should be able to reach a settlement with the Jumboks and end the on-going violence.

Commanding the third will be Lt. Col. Nova, in what will be his first action in the field.  Off-the-record sources in the sub-legion expressed concern to the Journal-Intelligencer that Nova, although a fine officer, is known for being reckless, and might not be the best choice in a sensitive situation.  When questioned directly about these allegations, Nova brushed them off:

Nonsense.  I and all the soldiers of the third understand our role and are dedicated to keeping peace and order.  We shall not seek trouble, but you can be damned sure that if the Jumboks start something, they won’t be around to finish it.

In addition to the deployment, the General did confirm that he has approved the Journal-Intelligencer’s request to embed our reporter Priya Ramaswami with the third to report directly from the island.  Look for her reports next week.


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