New bill from Adams

Monkeykid (JIN): Assemblywoman Shira R. Adams has introduced a bill in the Assembly to provide for the establishment of a permanent alien task force (ATF).

The task force, which would fall under the auspices of the SPS, would serve to investigate and communicate with aliens, with the primary goal of said force to come to an agreement with the aliens to cease abductions and forced hybridization with MRA citizens.

Said Adams:

We owe it to ourselves and our future generations to learn all we can about this alien menace.  These creatures have no respect for our laws and customs and no respect for our bodies.  I hope we are able to come to an agreement with them; but if not, we must be learn their weaknesses and eliminate them through what-ever means necessary.

The Journal-Intelligencer has long advocated for increased monitoring of this alien menace and urges the Assembly to take quick and decisive action on Assemblywoman Adams’ bill.


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