Tibby Trav brings you the dish!


Wut up bitches?

Tibby Trav, double T himself, here with the latest DISH on all your movers and shakers!

  • Is our Guv a ladies’ man?  Since First lady Brittany passed, sources tell the DISH Guv Adams has been seen with a series of luscious ladies.  The Guv was well-known as a heart-breaker back in the day… nice to see age ain’t a limit for having fun… guess the Guv’s a true leader of people and a LEADER IN THE SACK!
  • Speaking of the sack, DISH has seen some naughty pics of a certain sexy astronaut back in college… with a ladyfriend!  Hello!  Sources tell me the pics got hacked off an old computer and weren’t meant for public viewing.  No comment from the parties involved…
  • More pics!  Hush-hush sources tell the DISH a certain Assemblyman and his lady like to take snaps when they have company in the boudoir and things get a little CRAY-CRAY!  Haven’t seen these ones, but they suppose to be MAD HOT!
  • Hush-hush sources also tell the DISH that a certain actor might be a debauched fellow…
  • Sexy Tina Larson was seen dining in Little Bujumbura with her director Bottom Summerdream… next project in the works?
  • There’s a new doctor in town who knows more than one way to get you better… KNO’ WHAT IM SAYIN!
  • Heard a famous chef BURNED salmon… sounds FISHY to me!

That’s all from double T this time.  Keep your ears open and eyes peeled and get ready to DISH!


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